I’m unclear about the differences in the two programs you offer.

If you’re a pro or emerging pro with a solid book, consistently strong bodies of work with a coherent presentation, the Emerging & Professional Portfolio Review (vetted) is your event.  If, on the other hand, you’ve been changing direction, have new work that’s not yet complete that you’d like to get feedback on, are not sure of your directions or which area you should focus or refocus on, or if you’re a new pro, just tossing your hat in the ring, the Open Portfolio Review (non-vetted) is an ideal place to get feedback and valuable advice from many of the same reviewers as in our E&P program.

If I’m accepted in the Emerging & Pro event, can I also sign up for the Open Portfolio Review to fine tune my presentation?

This is a smart idea – and many attendees follow this route.  This is how to knock them out in the Emerging & Pro event.

Can I buy additional Portfolio Reviews once I’m at PhotoPlus Expo?

Prior to the event, Portfolio Reviews are sold in groups of 5. Once at the Registration desk at Javits, reviews will be available in quantities of one or more. Stand-by reviews will be available as well.

What happens if I sign up for PhotoPlus seminars and there’s a conflict with the review schedule?

The review schedule for all reviews is posted on the PSPF website. Knowing your seminar dates and times, please be sure to choose your reviews so that they don’t conflict. We cannot be responsible for reviews that conflict with seminars offered at PhotoPlus.

Can I present my work on an IPAD?

Yes! There’s no reason why you can’t present work on your IPAD. It will enable you to walk around the PhotoPlus Expo and not have to check your portfolio with us (we will have a desk where your portfolios can be checked before or after your review(s).). One caveat – if you’re presenting work to galleries or museums, we recommend showing prints, depending on the kind of response you’re looking for.

What happens once I’ve registered?

Once registered, nothing is necessary until mid-September when we’ll be reviewing your website.  If we have any questions we’ll contact you. Otherwise, keep your eye on our website so you’ll see all the new reviewers that sign on for the program.  If you’re in the Emerging & Pro program, we’ll be sending you emails with information In early October with information on how you’ll choose and prioritize your reviewer choices and submit them to us.  Several days later, you’ll receive a confirmation from us with your scheduled reviews. You’ll have another few days to contact us and make changes based on available reviews you’ll see on our website. There is no fee incurred to increase the number of reviews.

What is your refund policy?

Because of the time-sensitive nature of reserving portfolio reviews, we can only refund 100% of your registration fees October 3rd.   Between October 3rd and October 8th we can refund 50% of your registration fees in case of cancellation, and after October 8th, no refunds will be made. 

What is the Registration Fee for?

The low fee of $15 per day of attendance is all you pay to hold your place in our program until 5 minutes prior to your review appointment.

What if I have restrictions on the times I’ll be free on the days I choose for my reviews?

When you register for portfolio reviews, you are required to place a check box next to the days you’ll be attending the program. We assume that if you have checked a box indicating you’ll be available on a given day, and selected reviewers that are reviewing that day, that your portfolio reviews trump any other activity you may have. One of the key factors we use in trying to achieve the highest percentage possible of your requests is the number of days you’ll be available.

I see I’m required to submit a website when I register. Why is this?

We look at all of the photographer’s sites to verify that our programs are appropriate for them. This is for the benefit of both the photographer and the reviewers. For a list of what we look at and what criteria is applied to accepting attendees into this program, click HERE.  Details on our approval process can be viewed HERE.