For those registering for our Emerging & Professional Photographer Event, Thursday, October 20th – Saturday, October 22nd,  we start by looking at websites. In order to understand how our process works, we felt it might be advantageous to explain a few of the things we look for when reviewing your site:

1). Website works properly
2). The website contains a real sampling of work
3). The website focuses on your area of strength.
4). The website is up to date.
5). The work on the website demonstrates you have a tightly edited strong body of work.
6). People are less interested to see all the different things you have already done. They want to see very clearly what you want to do. In essence, we’re looking for a visual signature. A point of view. A cohesive, focused, compelling and memorable body of work, not a general portfolio.
We will consult websites beginning September 15 to verify status. Registrants not approved will receive 100% refunds. We do our utmost to correctly and evenly align photographers with our reviewers. It is essential for both that we succeed. Our goal is that both our photographers and reviewers come away with a meaningful experience. If you are uncertain that your work meets our criteria, you’re invited to put 20 of the images you would like to show in our program into a PDF and kindly email it to us – along with your short list for reviewers you’d like to see. Our team will review and respond.
Note: If you have an extremely arcane or unusual specialty, please call us before registering so we can discuss potentially appropriate reviewers with you.
For our Open Portfolio Review day (Wednesday, October 19th):  We do not vet registrations. You will see a cross-section of our reviewers chosen by our staff. The intent for this special review day is to get you and your work in front of many of our Emerging & Pro event reviewers who come with a different mind-set than for our Emerging & Pro Review.
This is a chance to ask questions about how people perceive your work, your presentation and give you an unbiased opinion that will serve to guide you going forward. If you’re not certain which day would be best for you – send us a pdf with 20 images you plan to show. We’ll review and contact you personally to discuss (review  @
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