$275 per each 5 Reviews

$15 Registration fee

The Open Portfolio Review was designed to help to inspire photographers. Reviewers in this program are specifically interested in meeting photographers who will benefit from advice on their presentations, choices of images, strengths and weaknesses of individual bodies of work, suggestions as to how to tighten their presentations and focus their work. They can also offer jobs if they feel the work is right for them, just as they can in the Emerging and Pro event.

Who should attend the Open Portfolio Review?

If you’re thinking of turning pro – tossing your hat in the ring, launching your career, we hear you. This event was created for you.


If you’ve been working in the business but are not clear on how to tighten things up, identify and clarify what you have and how to better present it, we’ve created this special one-day event to help you find out what influencers from our Emerging & Pro review as well as seasoned pros think of the work, the presentation, your ideas, your plans.

The Open Portfolio Reviewer draws from the same faculty that review in our Emerging & Pro event. Get help with your next moves.  One Day Only.  Get the advice you need. Get a leg-up.

How will this work?

This program was launched in 2014 and has been highly successful. Our staff will assign your reviewers: You will present your work to experts from different backgrounds – you’ll get a rounded, experienced and knowledgeable response to consider at the end of the day. You’ll have surprising reactions.  All reviewers are industry experts. Perhaps you’ll show work to someone who has worked for 10 different magazines over the years, then an advertising agency creative director who has worked at many agencies in their career, followed by a photo book publisher, another magazine photo editor, a rep, a pro portfolio consultant. You’ll gather informed opinions from these experts and hear invaluable responses to your work.

We schedule the reviewers for you. We’ll have morning, mid-day and afternoon blocks of reviews, with 6, 20-minute meetings in each block. We’ll give you a table number and your pre-scheduled reviewer will be waiting to meet with you. Not first-come, first-served.

What should you bring:  Your best work. Tightly edited to make an impression and show reviewers who you are photographically, and where you want to go.  It’s best to keep the edit tight – not more than 20 – 25 images that speak to what you want to do as a pro.  You can bring your work on a computer or IPad. Bring a list of questions. You’ll get a free, 3-day pass to PhotoPlus Expo from us as well.  Check out all the new gear – find out what’s happening and where the technology is going.