Why attend the Emerging & Professional Photographer Review (Vetted) at PhotoPlus Expo?

The Emerging & Professional Photographer Portfolio Review Program at PhotoPlus Expo (October 20 – 22) is the largest and most comprehensive portfolio review program for emerging and professional commercial & fine art photographers in the United States, featuring over 175 influential professionals from both the commercial and fine art realms of contemporary photography. We’ll offer more than 1600 reviews! This is where you can meet, face-to-face, with reviewers that YOU choose. Other programs are first-come, first-served. You register late, you lose.  We give you the opportunity to choose your reviewers and prioritize your choices.  We guarantee at least 60% of your choices and in most cases, 80 – 100%.  We review websites for photographers registered in this program.


Why attend the Open Portfolio Review (Non-Vetted) at PhotoPlus Expo?

Our Open Portfolio Review (October 19) is the perfect one for those just breaking into the business or established pros with new directions, interested in getting opinions, advice, direction.  Meet with seasoned, experienced influencers from a range of disciplines who can look at your portfolio and give you valuable input on the work and presentation. We choose the reviewers for you.