The description of “Emerging Photographer” is a photographer who has been out on his or her own for sufficient time to have developed proficiency, vision, and derive or plan to derive the substantial majority of his / her income from photography, or an advanced student from a graduate program or certificate program in photography at an accredited school with a strong, focussed portfolio of solid work.

The Official Portfolio Review at PhotoPlus Expo is designed exclusively for industry influencers to meet with professional and emerging professional photographers as described above.

If you are an advanced amateur photographer or beginning pro who would like to get advice on improving your work, or general directions as to ways to improve your work or take the next step, our Open Portfolio Review (non-vetted) event which will take place on Wednesday, October 25th.  The “mind-set” of the reviewers will be different; they’ll be there to help – give their opinions, critiques, suggestions, ideas.  They’ll help get you on your way – or elucidate the path as their experienced eyes see it for you.