Reviewers listed by profession

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Please bookmark this page. We will be posting the names and biographies of additional Portfolio Review faculty for PhotoPlus Expo each week and will not post our final list and schedule until October 7th. All schedules are subject to change.

Following is a provisional list of reviewers for PhotoPlus Expo 2017.

Advertising Agencies & Corporate Branding

Cameron Barnum
Senior Producer / Art Buyer
BBDO San Francisco

Glenn Batkin
Creative Director / Art Director
Freelance Creative Director

Kellie Bingman
Art Production Supervisor

Suzanne Darmory
Executive Creative Director
Zeta Impact

Bill Motzing
Sr. Art Director
Havas Life New York

Consultants - Critics

Frank Meo
The Photo Closer


Elizabeth Bristow
Photo Editor
The New York Times

Amanda Gorence
Photo Editor

Michele Hadlow
Director of Photography
Forbes Magazine

Leonor Mamanna
Senior Photo Editor
Bloomberg Pursuits

Chelsea Matiash
Deputy Multimedia Editor
The Intercept

Molly Roberts
Chief Photo Editor
National Geographic Traveler

Rebecca Robertson
Photo Editor
Photo District News Magazine

Maya Robinson
Art Director, Photography & Visuals
New York Magazine

Amy Silverman
Photography Editor
Outside Magazine

Brad Smith
Vice President, Photography
World Wrestling

Bernadette Tuazon
Senior Photo Editor
CNN Digital

Tracey Woods
Associate Photo Editor
Essence Magazine

Photo Agency

Laura McClintock
Photographer's Representative
Redux Pictures

Perrie Wardell
Photo Editor
Redux Pictures