Who Should attend the Emerging & Professional Photographer Review at PhotoPlus Expo (October 26 - 28)?
Attending our Portfolio Review program represents an incredible opportunity to make a connection with influencers and obtain valued feedback and critiques.

This program is vetted by our staff to be certain we can properly align portfolios presented with reviewer expectations.

Our review faculty are in positions to give assignments to emerging and professional editorial and advertising photographers with fully focused portfolios, see tightly edited proposals for book publication or exhibit the work of serious fine art photographers who have museum / gallery ready work to present. We also have professional portfolio consultants who can give career direction and presentation advice to emerging & working pros.


Commercial Photographers:

Whether or not you live in NYC, you know how impossible it is to see the people who can give you jobs or further your career. Sure getting your book to the right people is important but the value of sitting with those people in a face-to-face meeting is immeasurable. You can see 5, 10, 15 or more of those influencers while visiting PhotoPlus Expo for free.

Fine Art Photographers:

If you’re a serious and accomplished fine-art photographer, you can now bring your museum / gallery-ready body of work to the attention of museum curators, gallery directors, book publishers and others who are interested in seeing your work.

New York’s Most Comprehensive Portfolio Review Program.

The Palm Springs Photo Festival is known for the exceptional quality of its portfolio review faculty. Now, for the sixth year – PSPF, in concert with Photo District News, will present an exceptional 4-day series of reviews in the forthcoming PhotoPlus Expo to be held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, October 25th  - October 28th.

If you don’t live there, don’t miss out! Plan your trip to New York City and spend four days meeting a huge cross-section of potential clients that you need to know.