Who should attend:

This event is for professional and emerging commercial photographers or seasoned fine art photographers who can show a focused, compelling and memorable body of work and not a general portfolio.

This program is vetted by our staff to be certain we can properly align portfolios presented with reviewer expectations.

Our review faculty are in positions to give assignments to emerging and professional editorial and advertising photographers with fully focused portfolios, see tightly edited proposals for book publication or exhibit the work of serious fine art photographers who have museum / gallery ready work to present. We also have professional portfolio consultants who can give career direction and presentation advice to emerging & working pros.

How it works:

Registering and selecting your appointments is easy

  1. Register for portfolio reviews before Thursday, October 11th.
  2. Our vetting team will review your website and communicate with you.
  3. On October 11th, log in to your account to make your review selections. All vetted attendees, who register before October 11th, are guaranteed a minimum 60% of their selections.

On the day of your reviews:

  1. Attendees should be present in our waiting area at least 15 minutes before their scheduled review. Please leave enough time to pick up your expo badge and find the review area in the Javits Center. Even if you are just one minute late for your appointment, you will be forfeiting your review. Just be on time, you don’t want to give reviewers the impression you are unreliable!
  2. Each morning beginning at 8:30am, attendees will be able to register for standby reviews, subject to availability and on a first-come-first served basis. If there is a reviewer you want to meet with, but is already completely booked, you can be on a waiting list to see them in the case that any of their appointments are missed or cancelled on the day of.

Fees and refunds:

Reviews are purchased in blocks of six. The price for 6 reviews is $480. There is an automatic 5% discount  applied for 12 reviews and 10% for 18 or more reviews are purchased (not combinable with other discounts).  There is a $20 registration fee per day of reviews.

Because of the time-sensitive nature of reserving portfolio reviews, we can only refund 100% of your registration fees until midnight, Sunday, September 30th, 2018. Between October 1st and October 11th, we can refund 50% of your registration fees in case of cancellation, and after October 11th, no refunds will be made.

Should it be determined by our vetting team that the registrant is not yet ready to present work in our program, they’ll be eligible for a 100% refund.

Additional information.

The Vetting Process:

We assure our reviewers that they’ll see work from practicing or emerging photographers with tightly edited, cohesive bodies of work. Attendees must have a website that substantiates their status as a working photographer. 

We will consult websites beginning September 15 to verify status. Registrants not approved will receive 100% refunds or offered a place in our Open Portfolio Review program (October 24th) with we do not vet. We do our utmost to correctly and evenly align photographers with our reviewers. It is essential for both that we succeed.

What we look at:

  1. Website works properly
  2. The website contains a real sampling of work
  3. The website focuses on your area of strength.
  4. The website is up to date.
  5. The work on the website demonstrates you have a tightly edited strong body of work.
  6. People are less interested to see all the different things you have already done. They want to see very clearly what you want to do. In essence, we’re looking for a visual signature. A point of view. A cohesive, focused, compelling and memorable body of work, not a general portfolio.

If you are uncertain that your work meets our criteria, you’re invited to put 20 of the images you would like to show in our program into a PDF and kindly email it to us – along with your short list for reviewers you’d like to see. Our team will review and respond within 24 hours.

Note: If you have an extremely arcane or unusual specialty, please call us at 1-800-928-8314 before registering so we can discuss potentially appropriate reviewers with you.



“It was my pleasure to participate with you for the Portfolio Review program. I think its quite worthwhile for the  reviewers and reviewees alike, thank you for making it happen.” – Harvey Stein, Umbrella Arts Gallery

“Your event has really hit its stride—well-organized, well-programmed, well-executed, and… just really cool.” – Rex

“This event gives JUICE Pharma [ad agency] a chance to be exposed to established talent as well as up and coming photographers, which is largely what we saw this year. I was really impressed by how prepared the photographers were in knowing about JUICE, what we do, and what we might be looking for.” – Michael Kaminski, Juice Pharma

“I really enjoyed the process of reviewing portfolios, you organized it very well so my time was well spent. I thought my group of photographers was varied and a good fit-they all seemed to understand what my particular experience would bring to the discussion.” – Francesca

” I had many great meetings with positive responses and heard just as many helpful bits of advice on how to strengthen my presentation. The meetings were invaluable and if all goes well should lead to working relationships”. – Bart

“I went to my first portfolio review at PDN Expo this year. I researched the reviewers carefully before I went. Saw 10 people. I got excellent constructive feedback. I was very happy with my investment in time and money. It was a great way to see several quality reviewers in a short amount of time. I plan to go back next year.” – James